Our concept

Creative & Line production in Belgium for the film industry or at  International level and for all Formats. 

What about us?

We deal passionately with all the tasks and brokerage that Producers need to hire permanent staff for.

You can hire all our team and talent for your projects. Shared Workforce & Talent!

We set preferential deals with audiovisual service and equipment providers and you can benefit  from our expertise at the best price on the market without us having to do price dumping in our beloved market place!

Who are our clients?

Producers that are uncertain about the number of projects they will work on during the year and therefore can't hire permanent staff inhouse to do all tasks required in all fields of Production. We make producers lives easier in other words.

Directors & Producers that want to shoot in Europe and Belgium and are looking for co producers and funding possibilities within Europe and Belgium. 

Writers that want to bring their stories to the screens.

Freelancers in our industry that want to find the next project to work on.

Actors & Actresses that want our representation can just ask for it.




We are the solution !